Thursday, July 7, 2016

Internationally recognized writer, award winning creative director, and photographer Renay Elle Morris of CorporateIDeas Worldwide needed an online presence to feature the Photography side of the business.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

In order to fully capture the beauty of watercolor paintings of OnceUponaPaper, PixR2 used simplicity and a combination of photo and visual coding to help users explore the artist vast array of paintings and products.
Approached by artist and trainer Tetteh Tawiah, PixR2 developed 3D models, renderings and marketing materials needed to take the client's ideas to a branding level of presentation.

With Roberto Rabanne we embarked on a whole series of ideas needing shape and reality, creating at the end a framework consisting of graphics for snowboards to be produced by Burton, and presentation portfolio in print and online.
Designed to look and feel like a NY Soho full service photo lab, Beth Schiffer's rebranding takes you instantly inside her renowned Broadway business. PixR2 worked closely with Corporate IDeas WW to achieve our client's needs and identity.

WORDISIAC wanted a branding and and interactive site to be able to sustain and speak to a growing clientele looking for traditional printing techniques.

PixR2 created the website for sidedoorgallery, a Bethel NY art gallery showcasing art from largely New York based artists, sculptors and photographers.
Eha Urbsalu, the Estonian top model, singer and actress, had us create a new branding space and website to better encompass the activity of a glamorous life.

Popular Fashion Boutique in Austin Texas hired us to remodel the company branding and marketing image with the relocation occasion.

Friday, January 1, 2016

RoboTapp Game Your wooden Roboboy is ready to fly and meet the wooden Robogirl. The adventure is on, and each time you have to dodge playing toys and reach at the end where the Robogirl is awaiting. Designed by PixR2.
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On App Store.
JumperJackWars Game Be the first to reach the opposite side and win. Play against your friend on the same device. 1v1. How to Play - Jump through the moving holes - Run left and right to avoid falling through the holes under. - Rematch for repeated fun. Designed by PixR2
SpaceBallsWars Game Be the winner by hitting the opponent with a gray ball. How to Play - Try to directly target the opponent with one of the 4 gray balls at the center of the screen - Or create a swarm of your color to influence and push the gray balls into the player's quarter. Designed by PixR2
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When Italian based fashion designer Paola Pezzella came to NYC, she found PixR2 as a modest but right company to produced a small and stylish catalog for the business.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Branding and Graphic Design

Eugen Berlo
Bucharest - NYC
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